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About The Farke Knight

Who Is The Farke Knight?

The Farke Knight is a character created by Lee Clark. The name is an homage to Norwich City’s ex-manger Daniel Farke. Lee dresses up as “The Farke Knight at every Norwich City home game and uses the character as part of his fundraising efforts.

A Message From The Farke Knight:

My name is Lee Clark and since 2007 I have been fundraising for charity. I’m married and have 6 children, I am a huge Norwich City fan and a season ticket holder and go to every game dressed as “The Farke Knight” (My super hero I created after the current Norwich City manger Danial Farke).

Beginning in September 2007, I organised a fancy dress day at work for The British Red Cross and we raised £240. The day was a great success and the community had great fun at our expense (for reference, I was dressed as a swimmer).

I’m known for my loudness and bad singing and in 2008 I decided to do a sponsored silence at work for my whole 9 hour shift and raised £840 for Lennox Children Cancer Fund. Now every year I do a sponsored silence and in 2021 I was silent at my work for a total of 3 months raising over £4,000 for Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation & Cancer Research UK.

As of today (October 2021), I have raised money for over 30 different charities in over 100 different fundraisers including:

  • The National 3 Peaks Challenge
  • The Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  • A Charity Boxing Match
  • Quiz Nights
  • Being Locked In A Cage For 24 Hours
  • The Brighton Marathon
  • Charity Football Matches With The Farke Knight Rises FC.

And many more…

My two middle daughters help also help with my fundraising and have held several fundraisers which is truly amazing. My wife also gives me so much support and even sacrifices time spent together which I am so thankful for. 

My overall target is to raise £250,000 for chairty by 2026, my current total stands at just over £170,000. Every time I organise an event the whole community always comes together and supports me which really makes a difference.

Thank you for reading and I really do appreciate your support.

Thank you to my wife.

Thank you to my kids.

Thank you to all the lads connected with the Farke Knight Rises FC.

Only £80,000 left to reach my target. Can we do it?

Lee Clark.